parents: kara's story

Kara is the mother of two boys, Miles and Ash.

The biggest thing that struck me about these blocks is that my kids were engaging with other kids that they don’t know very well. They may have seen them at the playground or seen them around somewhere, and they started building with them.  My son, Miles, is playing with two boys that he doesn’t know right now, which I think is amazing. They are quietly collaborating, which is pretty amazing.

“This playground has a collaboration component that I’ve never seen before with my kids. They’re collaborating with other kids they don’t know, and I’ve never really seen them do that in such a short time.”

“creating their own fun experiences”

“It was interesting because we just came back from canoeing, so they automatically turned the blocks into a kayak or a canoe.  So I thought that was interesting, that they instantly started playing out what they had just experienced and the form allowed for them to do that. 

“It’s important to me that they’re in an environment where they can use their imagination, so that they can think differently and they can think ‘Oh, this could be a kayak. Oh, no, it could be a building.’

“It encourages their creativity in a different way than having a big plastic play structure where they just go up the stairs and down the slide, you know. It’s different. It’s less prescriptive. They’ve definitely created their own fun experiences today with things that they have never played with before.”

“in the zone”

I saw that they were really in the play zone of finding things to build with and collaborate with kids they don’t know. They play zone, for me, is when my kid is really focused—you can see the wheels turning about ‘Oh, I could do this. And then I could do this. And if I do this, this happens.” They’re just in the zone where if I say, ‘Ash!’, he’ll never hear me because he’s in the zone.”

Real parents react to watching their kids play with Imagination Playground for the first time.