parents: dan's story

Dan is the father of one girl, Penny.

“Penny is a very social person in general. What I’m seeing this do is actually intensify that. These things are too big to really work with on your own, so you’ve got to work with other kids and you’ve got to collaborate together.  Penny can sometimes be a little bossy, so there’s places where she’s trying to lead things and again, because these things are so big, the other kids are saying, ‘Well, that’s an interesting idea. However, I’ve got my own thing.’ She’s definitely negotiating with other kids. They’re all working it out as they would later in life anyway.

“It’s interesting watching the different groups form and then kids migrate between groups and say ‘Oh, that thing looks really cool. I’m going to start playing with that over there.’”

“they’re building their blue city together”

“A lot of the playgrounds that she plays with have pretty much set materials and playground equipment and so forth. Here, they can actually build the world that they’re in. They’re making up games. They’re making up stories to play and act out. Each kid kind of has an idea. They’re coming in with ideas on how the blocks are going to move and how they’re going to use different pieces to put things together. They’re building their blue city together.”

“The perfect play experience for Penny is when there’s other kids around and there’s something for them to focus around. This is definitely giving her that. They’ve come into this space. There’s all this equipment there for them to play with and nothing’s set for them. It’s not set up for them that says ‘Here’s A, here’s B, here’s C, let’s go through it.’  This is allowing them to be creative.  This is allowing them to make the space that they’re in and create a world for them to play in.”

“just sit back and watch”

“They’re building their environment together, and that’s great. As parents, we’re sort of able to just sit back and watch. We can interact with them a bit, but mostly they’re building their space up for themselves. 

“They’re light. They’re easy to move around. They nice and soft and they feel very safe to work around. If one fell on top of a kid, I’m not worried that I’ll have to run to a hospital with a concussion.”

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