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A message from our President & CEO, Dave Krishock:

Our goal for 2016 is to reach 3 million more children, 6 million more parents, and 9 million more educators with the creative play of the Big Blue Blocks. But we know that there are schools and family centers that might not be able to afford an Imagination Playground.

I am extending a $1000 Gift to those schools and family centers that need the help. This gift can be used towards the purchase of our 105 pc. Big Blocks set. More kids playing, more parents and educators supporting play...and we want to help!

We've provided playgrounds to schools and children's museums around the country through our Vote for Play, Submit it to Win it, and Learn & Play tour. We want to get more kids playing!

Reach out to us...accept our Gift of Play...make your creative play dreams a reality!

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"Over 160 schools have accepted our gift offer, which allows us to move closer to our goal of reaching 3 Million more Children with the creative play of the Big Blue Blocks!"

—Dave Krishock, President, Imagination Playground


A video message from Dave Krishock, President, Imagination Playground

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