build-a-thon winners 2019

 The 2019 Build-A-Thon entries demonstrated the power of play! Whether using the Blue Blocks in person, or tinkering with the 3D Builder App, our builders showcased their skills in critical thinking and creativity.

Children ages 2-10 could build with the physical Big Blue Blocks at area schools and family centers, or digitally with the Imagination Playground 3D Builder app. The Build-A-Thon contest asked builders to show us their best builds (parents and educators sent in photos of the builds), for a chance to win BIG prizes!


The Top Vote Receipient is AIYANA!
Age 10, Massachussetts


The Second Highest Vote Receipient is Kira!

Age 6, Virginia







Our Official Runners-Up Are

Charles Age 4, Alabama

Colton Age 10, Michigan

Roman Age 7, Arizona



Watch for more news about the next Build-A-Thon Contest!







Every Builder is a Winner at Imagination Playground
(a 25 piece pop-out mini playground) goes to:

EVERYONE ELSE WHO ENTERED! Everyone who Entered is a Winner! We thank our Sponsors (schools, family centers, museums, parks) for their support of the program and for providing opportunities for children to build and enter the contest – we couldn’t do it without you!


Watch for more news about the next Build-A-Thon Contest!


Imagination Playground in NYC!

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