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Helping Kids Find Balance Between Physical & Digital Play

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Parents, teachers, and caregivers — try the new Imagination Playground 3D Builder app and watch children stack, connect, channel, build and make their creations come to life.

Bring Imagination Playground into the classroom! Build with the principles of construction and engineering in the quick builder mode. Observe the effects of physics by turning on gravity mode and watch the Blocks take on their real life physical properties. Use the Blocks to understand proportion, geometry, and basic math principles—or just relax, create, and have fun.

Our Imagination Playground 3D Builder app is FREE and available on Apple and Android devices — download today!

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app testimonials

“It is rare that you find a high quality, entertaining and educational app for free and Imagination Playground 3D Builder hits the jackpot.”

The iPhone Mom (4.8/5)

“For children who love creating, building, and crafting their own creations, this app is a ton of fun and has lots to offer.”

Best Apps For Kids (4.4/5)

“At home, Imagination Playground 3D Builder will be one of those apps that kids enjoy so much that they don’t even realize they are learning.”

Smart Apps For Kids (4.5/5)

“This iOS app has been developed to bridge the gap between technology-based play and the type of physical creation that Imagination Playground blocks allow.”

Educational App Store (4/5)

“In addition to problem solving, students can strengthen their motor skill development and work towards the accomplishment of finishing their creation.”


“For kids, Imagination Playground is both play and studio time, teaching problem-solving, spatial reasoning, creative thinking and more.”

Arch Daily

“How great would it be to mentor young builders, if you were an architect, construction manager, or materials manager?”

Teachers With Apps

“Whether they choose to construct a tower, a castle, a race track, or a combination of all three, Imagination Playground 3D Builder will give them hours of interesting and imaginative fun.”

Fun Educational Apps

“Choosing from all of their standard block shapes, we're given a blank slate to begin fitting the virtual blocks together to create something amazing!”

Bloggy Moms