how to buy: your step-by-step guide

Our job and your goal is to get these magical blocks in the hands of your children. We’ve made buying your playground simple.

1. choose your blocks

The foundation of our Imagination Playground is the Big Blue Blocks Set – created to inspire children to design, invent and have fun.

Existing customers can always purchase individual, add-on blocks. Imagination Playground has also introduced two sets of blocks – Curves and also Angles – new sets to further stimulate a child’s creativity. Each of these sets have 46 total pieces and seven completely new shapes.



2. choose your storage system

You can purchase all blocks by themselves or with a convenient storage system to make them mobile and keep them protected. The Classic Block set can be stored in either Carts (2) or a Box (1). The two carts are commercial quality rubberized vinyl on wheels. The box is also commercial quality, hand-made and on wheels as well. We also have smaller sized drag bags; rubberized vinyl bags that children will pop blocks in to and tote to another near-by build site.

Curves and Angles are available in either a Cart (1) or drag bags.

Protective weather-proof covers can be purchased with either Carts and Boxes.


3. consider your payment options

You can purchase Imagination Playground in a number of ways:

  • by credit card
  • by check
  • by bank wire transfer
  • Financing options are available. A small down payment and low monthly installments allow you to enjoy your playground while you pay. Contact us for more information.


 4. ask our experts

We have a staff of trained play professionals on hand to help you. We’d love to help you process your order, answer your questions, or just listen to your comment.

Call 1-678-604-7466 to speak to a playground specialist. You can also e-mail us at

Or just fill out the form below. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.


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